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Welcome To Arthur Beverly Financial Management

Our mission is to help our clients grow in stature.

To help them consolidate their successes in life but also to protect their loved ones in the event of them dying too soon, of living too long or circumvent the effects that ill health might bring to their wellbeing.

At Arthur Beverly Financial Management we offer you advice with enthusiasm, energy and empathy – we call this “e-advice”. We get enthusiastic about your businesses and personal financial affairs. And we use our energy to help you put in place strong protection, investment and retirement planning arrangements. But most important of all we endeavour to develop empathy with you, because we need to see things from your perspective.

You will be reassured to know that our clients tell us that they trust us with their financial affairs because we provide them with the three things they, and most probably you, want most. Firstly, our clients want a strong relationship with an independent adviser they can trust. Secondly, they expect leadership . And finally, they want creativity in their financial planning. In short TLC

In the same way, we place a great deal of importance on a long term relationship with you and work hard to win and maintain your trust as your Independent Financial Adviser.

If you would like us to meet with you to find out how ABFM can help you please feel free to contact us.

The Team

About Us

The roots of Arthur Beverly Financial Management were planted in 1986 when Arthur returned from work in the Middle East, where he worked as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, and decided to enter Financial Services as a self employed Sales Associate rather than return to the Construction Industry. He joined a large leading Insurance Company and received first class training in all the products that were available to the salesforce.

Branch management tempted for a while but the reduction in face to face contact with his clients and the restrictions naturally placed upon him by the Company (which was one of the reasons for joining Financial Services ) lured him back to self employment.

Then in 1995, the big jump came and he launched out as an Independent Financial Adviser rather than remaining as a tied agent to the one Insurance Company. Working from home as a Glasgow financial adviser and doing all the administration tasks himself, he found himself working long but satisfying hours. Nevertheless, it all became too much and Jean, Arthur’s wife, joined him in the business as his Administrator.

Things were really starting to take off now and Jean and Arthur decided to form a Partnership. They found offices in Milngavie and opened up for business in 2001. By 2002, more assistance was needed and additional staff were brought in to assist in the product research that was necessary to give the best advice to the growing client bank.

By 2007, even with this extra help, Arthur found himself doing more and more in the office rather than more and more with clients and because of that, Margaret joined them in the October of that year.

The latest big change to be made to Arthur Beverly Financial Management is the transformation to a Glasgow financial adviser Limited Company which is where it now stands. Arthur and his team of Jean, Margaret, and Andrew work closely together and all of them look forward to the future with eager anticipation of what might lie ahead.