The Healthy Optimist

April 2018

To be successful, investors need an attitude of healthy optimism. This idea is based on simple logic which is backed by evidence. Securities have delivered positive returns in the past and it’s reasonable to expect that they will continue to post positive returns in the future. However, it is not reasonable to expect returns to […]

Digital advice to drive down costs

April 2018

“Most advisers take the view that the RDR (Retail Distribution Review) which is essence removed commission from investment products, provided the quality of advice but effectively reduced the distribution of it. Most will conduct a face to face fact-finding meeting but finding a way to do it remotely, lowers the cost associated with the advice process. […]

A cold call to chill the heart

April 2018

William Burrows, a Retirement Director at Better Retirement, writes in Professional Adviser, a publication intended to serve the Financial Services industry, about a cold call he received personally last week and which is yet another illustration of why this practice of cold calling must be stopped. His article went on as follows:- “It is time […]

National Minimum Wage Rates

March 2018

Just a note to remind you that new rates for the National Minimum Wage (NMW) and National Living Wage (NLW) apply from the 1st April. From the 1st April 2018, the following hourly rates will apply NLW rate for workers aged 25 and over – £7.83 The main rate for workers ages 21-24 – £7.38 […]