Why should I use a financial adviser?

June 2020

I was reading an article in the technical press earlier this week by Hannah Goldsmith, another IFA, which I quote verbatim.  She writes: “I have met many investors with a very negative view of the financial services industry. They may have read articles in the national media about advisers ripping off investors, experienced poor financial […]

Why risk shouldn’t be reactive

April 2020

After 10 years of a record bull run, the recent market correction has come as a shock – even to those who have seen significant equity movements in the past. As a result, some have hit the panic button, and looked to de-risk their portfolios.  That said, I’m pleased to say that none of our […]

Panic equity selling or panic raising of precautionary cash?

March 2020

Following yesterday’s unprecedented one day declines in global stock markets, there is a recovery under way today. Instead of the past day’s written update note we are today sending you a link to a short video (5 minutes) in which Lothar Mentel, Tatton’s Chief Investment Officer, briefly lays out what caused the severity of this […]

What advisers are telling clients in latest market turmoil

March 2020

The sharp falls engulfing global equity markets in recent days may have caused concern among investors, leaving advisers to contain the panic. The FTSE 100 was down 7.7% yesterday, but opened 1 per cent higher this morning, while the FTSE 250 was down 18.7 per cent in the last month. The Dow Jones Index of […]

Using ISAs to fund your retirement

March 2020

Could ISAs overtake pensions as the UK’s retirement savings vehicle of choice? That’s the question posed by the Financial Times over the weekend.  When they were launched back in 1999, few expected them to become a serious part of retirement portfolios, but times have changed over the last 20 years.  However, according to the article, […]

7 Marketing Faux Pas, And How To Avoid Them

March 2020

I was reading an interesting article in Forbes the other day and thought you might enjoy the concepts imparted.  This is the seventh week’s article. Every business has to market their products and services and the way you market your business can mean the difference between failure and success. If done right, you can increase […]