7 Marketing Faux Pas, And How To Avoid Them

January 2020

I was reading an interesting article in Forbes the other day and thought you might enjoy the concepts imparted. Every business has to market their products and services and the way you market your business can mean the difference between failure and success. If done right, you can increase revenue, attract new customers, and retain […]

Beyond Blue Monday

January 2020

Did you know that today is Blue Monday. It’s officially said to be the gloomiest day of the year because the festivities have ended, it’s cold outside and it feels like an eternity until pay day. All these things can have an adverse effect on peoples’ mental health. And whether you see it as a […]

Govt warns on fraudulent CMCs targeting investors

January 2020

It has come to the notice of the Government and the Press that fraudsters are contacting investors in defunct schemes claiming to be able to recover their lost funds for a fee, the government has warned. The Insolvency Service published an alert yesterday (13th January 2020) warning that it was aware fraudulent Claims Management Companies (CMCs) […]

Alan Moran: Here’s what I’ve learned after 30 years in advice

January 2020

Advice milestone I noticed the accompanying article in the financial press recently and was struck by the similarities with our own business.  Maybe the writer’s age and length of marriage differ slightly but… Alan writes. Welcome to the 2020s! As we start the new decade, I reach a personal landmark because I can now reflect […]

Tom Dunbar: Putting a number on the value of advice

January 2020

Royal London, in conjunction with the International Longevity Centre recently put a number on how much financial advice is worth to those who receive it. Here, Tom Dunbar elaborates on the findings of that research… There are many myths and misconceptions around financial advice: some say it is only for high net worth people while […]

General Election Comment

December 2019

Over the past few weeks, one of the Investment Houses we use, have written that currency markets appear to be anticipating a softer, or perhaps more pragmatic route for Brexit after the General Election. It looks like Mister Market got it right once again. They go on to say that the result of last night […]