Give youth a chance

July 2019

Having been in this business for 30+ years, it is fair to say that I am not in the first flush of youth.   And that length of time in business has set me thinking about two very important points.  First, is financial services a career for young people? And second, if so, are young people […]

300k Unadvised retirees exposed to drawdown danger

June 2019

I’ve just been reading a report which said that hundreds of thousands of unadvised drawdown investors are unaware they can scale back or even stop their withdrawals, according to new research from a major pension provider. In April, the Company concerned carried out an online survey of 2,028 adults aged over  the age of 55 […]

The Five Main Types of ISAs

June 2019

THE ISA FAMILY The Basic ISA 6 – April 1999 The original ISA has two investment components: stocks and shares or cash. These are now interchangeable, so you can transfer from a stocks and shares ISA to a cash ISA, or vice versa.  Available from age 18 (16 and 17-year-olds may start one but only […]

Johnson pledge to cut tax

June 2019

Would you believe it? Tory leader contender Boris Johnson pledged to cut income tax bills for those earning more than £50,000 a year, if he wins the race to succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister. Speaking to the Telegraph, Johnson said he would use the money currently set aside for a no-deal Brexit to raise […]