General Election Comment

December 2019

Over the past few weeks, one of the Investment Houses we use, have written that currency markets appear to be anticipating a softer, or perhaps more pragmatic route for Brexit after the General Election. It looks like Mister Market got it right once again. They go on to say that the result of last night […]

Powers of Attorney and Dementia – Don’t leave it to late

November 2019

A diagnosis of dementia is extremely difficult to come to terms with, both for the person who is diagnosed and for their families. Sadly, as the population in the UK is ageing and the dementia risk is understood to increase with age, these diagnoses are likely to become more common. In Scotland alone, over 90,000 […]

Investing in your child’s future

September 2019

For clients wanting to invest for their children’s future in something more adventurous than a child savings account, there are three main options: a Junior Isa, a Junior pension or a Bare Trust investment account. The purpose of these accounts varies significantly, and there are considerable differences in how they can be accessed, tax treatment, […]

Over 60s miss out on thousands of pounds of pension savings

September 2019

Savers over the age of 60 are throwing away up to £1.75bn in pension contributions by opting out of their workplace schemes, according to Royal London. The mutual insurer analysed its own figures, which indicated a 23 per cent opt-out rate among the over 60s compared with 10 per cent across all other age groups. According to […]

Retirement Confidence Is On The Rise

September 2019

I read this little nugget, in an article in one of the technical papers namely Financial Reporter. Good news I thought, but the sting in the tail is that 10% of those polled don’t have any pension savings, just over a third have given no thought to how much they might need in retirement and […]

Vulnerability – A challenge for us all.

August 2019

Do you think you are Vulnerable Client? Probably not if you’re a young fit and healthy individual who makes astute business decisions every day of the week or someone who is responsible for others. But wait a minute. Identifying where a client may exhibit vulnerability is a challenge, and one that the regulator has become […]