Retirement & Investing for the future

Retirement and Investing for the Future


 Your Questions

  • When can I retire?
  • Will my money last?
  • Will I have enough to fund the lifestyle I want?
  • Are my investments working as hard as they should be?
  • What happens to my income if the markets crash?

This is just a snapshot of just some of the questions we are asked.  We can help answer those doubts and when we work we will do all we can to make an active retirement a reality for you. The ages of 55 to 75 can be some of the best years of your life; we can help you maximise your enjoyment of this important time for you.

You come to us with an assortment of pensions, savings, property and businesses, and from this we look to help you understand what kind of retirement can be created. We help you plan for the life you want. It’s about you and your plan, not the money or fancy investments. We want to help you gain the financial confidence and security to live your life without financial worries.

How much is enough and what is more than enough?

This is an important question that we look to answer early on for you. From creating your game plan, we can show you how much capital is needed to enjoy the lifestyle you want, and where there is more than enough, we help you see how much can be used and enjoyed in your retirement without jeopardising your future security. If you are working towards your retirement we can help you balance the sacrifice of saving with the enjoyment of your current life.

Most importantly, Pensions are not about timing – its the length of time!

The longer the delay, the higher the cost and the greater the risk that the income from the pension will not be what you need. In the current pensions market, now is a really great time to invest and find some real value with your contributions and take advantage of the generous tax relief.  Tax relief on contributions, tax free investment returns and tax free lump sums options

Happy Retirement Days

When you are making contributions towards your income in retirement you will need information, advice and service.  We can help you achieve the lifestyle you want in your retirement with the right income.


Please note that tax and reliefs from tax are dependent upon individual circumstances and will depend on current and future legislation.

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