Beyond Blue Monday

Did you know that today is Blue Monday. It’s officially said to be the gloomiest day of the year because the festivities have ended, it’s cold outside and it feels like an eternity until pay day. All these things can have an adverse effect on peoples’ mental health.

And whether you see it as a genuine positive or just a marketing gimmick, surely any chance to boost your morale is a good thing, right?

But as good as Blue Monday is at raising awareness of mental health, it’s not something that can be tackled in one day. People need ongoing support throughout the year and that’s why Income Protection is important particularly if they have access to Legal & General’s Nurse Support Services, provided by RedArc Assured Limited.

Legal & General Nurse Support Services provides clients with access to experienced, registered nurses that can offer long-term support and guidance for mental health conditions. Using their expertise, they are able to identify the most appropriate course of action, and can quickly arrange face-to-face counselling or therapy sessions.

It’s support that’s on hand all year round, not just one day. After all, any day can be a ‘Blue Monday’ for someone who has mental health problems, that’s why it’s important to give them the right support at the right time.

If this is something that concerns you, why not give us a call on 141-956 5525 and we can help you decide if it is appropriate for you.