Ethical Investing – Now a Main Stream Investment Strategy?

 Twenty years ago, ethical investing was seen very much as a pure values-based, exclusionary investment process.

Over time, this has developed into sustainability and engagement and now there are more funds focusing on companies which make a positive impact on their environment.

According to one IFA, “There is a pervading view that values-led investing is still about negative exclusion. 

“The market has become increasingly complex and unless advisers have a personal interest in the area, positive investing is not likely to be viewed favourably.”

The growth of funds available is important, as ethical bank Triodos revealed most investors want their money to create positive change by investing in progressive and pioneering businesses. 

Its latest research says 79 per cent of investors want to see a fairer and sustainable society, but 67 per cent of investors have never been offered ethical or sustainable investment opportunities.

While it’s encouraging to see further evidence of the growing demand for sustainable and responsible investment opportunities, the fact that two thirds of investors have never been offered them suggests a worrying disconnect.

The survey also revealed 55 per cent of people believe businesses have the power to solve many of the biggest challenges the world faces today, and 71 per cent say businesses have the power to create positive social and environmental change.  Should your investments be of an Ethical Nature.  At ABFM we advise a large number of clients on Ethical and Socially Responsible Investing.  We can take account of your risk profile and diversify your investments at the same time. 

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