How Important will Next Week Be?

As readers will undoubtedly know, it’s all set up to be a very important week in parliament this week with Theresa May’s next meaningful vote scheduled for tomorrow – and subsequent votes on Wednesday and Thursday depending on the outcomes.

All that uncertainty means that there are still a number of different possible outcomes for the UK despite the fact that we’re due to leave the EU on the 29th of March. No news there though, but what might this mean for investors? Bravely – some might even say foolishly – The Sunday Telegraph Money has been trying to work out what might be hot and what’s not when it comes to investment, getting tips from different experts on which investments might do well in different scenarios  such as a softer Brexit, no deal, revoke article 50 etc.

It’s not all negative of course, it’s just a matter of looking for which businesses and approaches might do better under different circumstances. As professional advisers will advocate to clients, investment is a long term process.

However dramatic the short term political, economic and market considerations may be, we need to remember the considerable benefits and value of long term investment and the risk of trying to predict short term movements.

I’m happy to say that the investments we arrange for our clients have been and are all based on a diversified global portfolio, intended to provide growth or income over the medium to long term.