How Things Change

This picture takes me back a few years. Most of you will recognise what it is although maybe some of our younger readers may struggle.

To times when youngsters of my age (then not now!), collected records by the barrowload and played them at the highest volume possible much to the great annoyance of parents who generally thought the music was atrocious and the state of the bands scruffy.

Now all my music collection is on my iPhone and can be added to or deleted at will.

30 years age when I went into financial services, the Footsie 100 Share index was around 1700. Today, its around 7000. If you had invested, say £1,000 30 years ago, today your £1,000 would be worth around £4,000.

What will it perhaps be in 2050?

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ps Just in case you don’t know, its a record turntable for use in the days before CDs and Tapes! But you knew that, didn’t you?