The Perils of Offensive Tweets

Nothing to do with finance but…

Here’s something we all know, but is important to be reminded about…

Two of the most successful films in the past few years are Disney’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ films.

Both have made a lot of money, been widely praised, and have turned the actors into household names.

But the films’ creator/director James Gunn was sacked from making the next sequel – because of offensive tweets he sent 10+ years ago.

And this reminded me…  if someone like him – who’s made his employer £billions – can be sacked for this sort of thing, anyone can.

I’ve spoken with my kids about this, and how essential it is to remember that anyone can see what they post – not just the people it’s intended for.

I’ve told them about the times when my company has interviewed people and been impressed by them, only to check their social media pages and realise they aren’t professional or appropriate enough for us.

So this Tip is just flagging something we all know. But it’s worth reminding ourselves about. And/or telling our children and newer colleagues. As I said to my kids…

… assume the ‘Person You Most Want To Impress’ read everything you’ve posted – would there be anything you wished they hadn’t seen?

… assume your biggest ‘enemy’ read it, is there anything there they could use to hurt you?

If so…

Action Point

… remove it now!


(With acknowledgement to Andy Bounds who reminded me of this maxim.  See