Should I Stay or Should I Go

Oh dear, dear. I have to confess right here to being old enough to remember those words of Joe Strummer and Mick Jones back in the eighties. Maybe they echo some of the thoughts which have been going on in Mrs May’s head of late although she doesn’t quite strike me as being a fan of The Clash.

Whilst the latest news tells us that Theresa May will step down on Friday 7 June (today), we’ve then got the subsequent leadership election getting underway from 10th June. And with all the shenanigans that it will involve. Those hoping to see some light at the end of the Brexit tunnel are still very unsure what her departure might actually mean in terms of getting Brexit decisions made. Or not made. Whether you think that her departure as PM is a good thing or not, the whole thing throws yet more short-term uncertainty into an already very uncertain situation. At the time of writing, at the end of May, (oh the irony) the latest inflection point around a possible fourth attempt at getting the Withdrawal Agreement though the house of commons was all too much. It looks though we are about to enter the next phase of the Brexit saga with as much clarity as a very muddy pond.