Something chronic

I heard a story recently which I thought was worth sharing.  A young woman had just returned from a mini-break in Tenerife. Twenty girls on a hen weekend, so you can imagine there was a fair bit of eating, drinking and dancing.

I’m told they also did a water park, a boat trip and paddle boarding and after all it’s all about the balance!  There were a few people she hadn’t met before and it transpired one of the girls had type 1 diabetes. The story teller didn’t realise this until the last day because her friend had totally blended into the group, took part in all the activities and didn’t feel different to anyone else..

It was the first time she’d met someone with diabetes – as far as I’m aware anyway – which is surprising when you consider 3.5 million people in the UK have been diagnosed.

They, generally speaking, consider themselves to be normal so why are they so underserved when it comes to accessing financial products like life insurance?

Securing life cover for people who have been diagnosed with a chronic condition can involve detailed medical questionnaires, followed by exclusions, additional premiums or being declined cover. It’s no wonder people have been put off.

We’ve recently seen more innovation in this area with life cover tailor-made for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.  So hopefully the situation is changing.

If this story strikes a chord with anyone, maybe we can help.