The most underrated financial planning advice – Part 1

We all make mistakes, don’t we?  The trick is to learn from them.  Over the next few blogs, I’m going to pick out some bits of advice that not everyone accepts, or follows but here goes.Luck is not a strategy one should trust.

I’m sure we’ve all heard,  “If only I could just win the lottery…  If I just pick the next hot investment…  Maybe some rich uncle will leave me a fortune…”    Trust me, I’ve heard every one of those.  Make your own luck.  Or be prepared for the time when a lucky break comes your way and be ready for it.  But it doesn’t happen too often.  Does it?

We’ve all heard, “You can make a killing financially. It’s easy, fast and guaranteed.” I tell people, “It is easy, fast and guaranteed. But only for the guy selling the magic scheme.  And someone is going to get killed financially.  Guess who that might be?