The most underrated financial planning advice – Part 4

In my last blog, I talked about getting things the wrong way round and not diversifying as mistakes people make in their financial planning.   Let’s finish off this little series by being a bit more positive.

Firstly, be the tortoise, not the hare. “How can I become a millionaire by 35?  How can I become wealthy in five years?”  The answer of course is, “What’s the hurry?  Just make sure you become wealthy by 65.  That’s enough of a challenge.   And the only one you really need to accomplish.”

Secondly, enjoy life as it is.  “I want to retire at 55 and see the world. Then I can really enjoy life.”  Unfortunately, I’ve learned life goes by freaking fast.  If you put off enjoying it even to 55 you’ll miss most of it.  Instead enjoy the journey.  Enjoy building your wealth.  Enjoy the game. Take little steps everyday.  And enjoy it with those you love.