Will your family suffer if you die?

Only 7 per cent of people in the UK who support someone financially have spoken with an adviser about long-term financial protection, according to research.  The findings were a part of a global study by HSBC which quizzed more than 13,000 people across 13 countries to look at levels of financial security.

The analysis found 27 per cent of UK respondents supporting someone financially have never had a conversation about long-term financial security should something happen to them – not even with friends and family.  This compared to 22 per cent globally.

But unexpected life events can have knock-on financial consequences for the whole family and 81 per cent of people in the UK said their family would not manage well if they had to significantly reduce their support to them. 

Based on the research findings, HSBC has now identified four actions which can help people better prepare their family.  This includes 1) identify your priorities, 2) assess your finances, 3) plan for the whole family and 4) discuss what the family’s needs are for the future.

The figures from this research are frightening.  Many people seem to be lacking even a basic level of financial protection whilst at the same time are seemingly happy to spend hundreds of pounds a year on what some might be deem to be luxuries, such as, mobile phones and satellite TV.  People try not to think about the possibility of serious ill-health or early death, or tend to think that these things only happen to ‘other people’, but that’s simply not true.