The Motivation Manifesto.

I read this recently and thought it was interesting enough to share.  It all about something that affects us all and can perhaps help us in our daily life,  not just in connection with financial services.

Have you written down your Goals?  Do you struggle to meet them? Is your past littered with examples of failed diets for example, abandoned exercise regimes and deserted language courses?

Just why do you keep failing? Surprisingly, it might be because you’re hoping to succeed.

Hope won’t get you anywhere.

The problem with hope is that it won’t motivate you enough to succeed.

Let’s say your goal is to run a marathon that’s taking place in two months time. Just hoping to succeed won’t give you the necessary drive to get up early for a run and brave the muscle pain and blisters, nor will it keep going when you hit the wall. When the going gets tough, hope won’t prevent your hitting the snooze button, or get you out from under your nice, warm blanket.

To fuel your motivation, you need to expect that you’ll succeed. You have to visualize yourself pulling your running shoes on, breaking through the wall and crossing the finish line. Only by expecting the successful attainment of your goals will you find the energy and desire needed to achieve them.

So, if you want to stop yourself from constantly falling short, stop hoping for success and start expecting it instead.  Of course, there is more to achieving success than just expectation. Learn what else you’ll need, including what inspiration we can take from the moon landings.  Trying googling The Motivation Manifesto, by Brendon Burchard.  You might find that to be of help.