Where has the time gone, Grandad!

One of my clients, at the age of 43, was horrified recently when one of his team said the words, “alright Grandad”, to him the other day.  What crazy thing had he said to warrant this unprovoked attack?  Well, he had inadvertently used the word, “iPod!”   Yes “iPod” – apparently old tech, old school and confined to the archives.

And its not just iPods; Office 365 has overtaken whatever came before, Windows 10 has replaced DOS 3.1 (joking!) and Facebook keeps being updated to the latest version..

And it’s not just technology.  Financial Services is being updated all the time.  The EC’s MIFID II will shortly be in force as will the GDPR governed by the ICO and the FCA is constantly streamlining their requirements.

What happened to the wee boy of 5 who thought a clockwork spring driven toy car was the bee’s knees and the most up to date toy you could ever have?